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Research Your Ballot

Scroll down to review candidates and issues on your ballot at

Printed Voters Guides for Dallas County will be available in early October.  You may view it online and print it at home now. is Ready for the Nov 3rd Election

How to create your Personalized Ballot using


  1. Type your address (but not your unit/apartment number) into the VOTE411 form (at left or above) and click “Enter”
  2. Click“Explore Now” if on a computer.
  3. Select English or Spanish, and then click “Go to My Races”
  4. For each race, compare candidates and choose each candidate for whom you plan to vote.
  5. When you are finished, scroll up and click “Finish.”
  6. Enter your email or phone number, so your personalized ballot can be emailed/texted to you.
  7. When your email/txt arrives, you will need to print or write down your selections, because phones aren’t allowed while voting.
  8. NOTE: For local judicial candidates that you cannot find on, we recommend that you either consult the Committee for a Qualified Judiciary  or the Dallas Bar Association for recommendations.

What is is a national League of Women Voter’s website and digital Voter Guide that helps you learn where candidates running for office in your community stand on the issues. You will find out what your candidates think about everything from healthcare to jobs to environmental views all in one place. The questions are different for different representatives based on which role they are running for and whether it is in Federal, State, County or Local government. For example, a US Congressperson would answer different questions than a State Governor or a City Councilperson. covers federal, state, and local elections and is brought to you by The League of Women Voters Education Fund. populates 30 days before each election. Remember to PRINT your notes and choices, because you are not allowed to access your cell phone at the polls.

Printed Voters Guides  

Printed League of Women Voter Guides for Dallas County will be available at all Dallas Public Libraries, at the LWV-Dallas office and other locations around the Dallas area in early October. 

Here is a pdf of all 80 pages if you would like to read it on screen and/or print it at home. 

Would you like to help with Vote411 and the Voters Guide?

If you would like to help deliver the 2020 November Voters Guides around Dallas starting October 6th, please email Elizabeth Walley at

If you would like to be part of the team for creating future Voters Guides/, we need volunteers to help with collecting candidate statements, uploading them to Vote411, and formatting them with graphics for printing. Please 
contact us.

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