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This is a list of interest categories and the interests within each category. Click on an interest to learn more about that item. If you are logged in, you will also see the members who have declared that interest, with a link to their member directory entry. Click the "More Info" link info to view additional information about the interest group.

Skills and Experiences

Please check off skills/experiences you have that you could share with the League. These "interests" will be shown in the members-only directory, so that fellow League members can reach out to you for your expertise.
5 Members
Do you speak and/or write a language other than Spanish or English?
Coordinator: Diane H Tasian
20 Members
Calling all CPAs and QuickBooks Online gurus!
Coordinator: Madge Cruse
57 Members
Type information into spreadsheets and forms from home
Coordinator: Paige Elphingstone

Voter Services Committee

Would you like to work with the Voter Services Committee to register voters, teach people about the voting process, publicize voting dates, and publish the printable Voters Guide and online Vote Please check your interests area(s) so the committee and your fellow members will know.
147 Members
Traditionally, staff a booth for 2 hrs. to help people complete voter registration cards and educate them about the voting process.
Coordinator: Barbara B Larkin
62 Members
Join the team to create questions for candidates, to contact candidates for their responses(aka Wranglers), and to produce LWV's signature Voter's Guide/ We also need volunteers to deliver the completed printed guide.
Coordinator: Elizabeth Walley
80 Members
I hold a current certificate of appointment for Volunteer Deputy Registrar in Dallas County. For more information, copy and paste
Coordinator: Barbara B Larkin

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

77 Members
Coordinator:  Denita JONES

Advocacy on Issues

By checking off an issue, the coordinator of each group will be able to contact you via email. If you make your email/phone "visible" in the directory, then other members will be able to connect with you around a shared interest. Also, please check off how you might like to participate.
62 Members
The census count and the way political representation maps are drawn impact funding and representation.
Coordinator: Karen Muncy
68 Members
Health Care for Low Income and Older Texans and Women’s Health
Coordinator: Ashley Washington
50 Members
Fair Park and the Trinity River Corridor are two focus areas for LWV-Dallas.
Coordinator: Ashley Washington
52 Members
We focus on the Dallas Independent School District
Coordinator:  Susybelle Lyons Gosslee
48 Members
The focus of this group is Texas state policy and legislation affecting education
Coordinator:  Eileen Rosenblum
37 Members
Coordinator position is vacant.
26 Members
The League needs well-researched and well-written position statements to direct our advocacy on local Dallas issues.
41 Members
Attend local governing and nonprofit meetings as an observer to keep the League informed on issues. (aka The Observer Corps)
Coordinator: Ashley Washington

Communications Committee

Communications Committee manages the LWV-Dallas social media accounts and website, publishes the monthly newsletter (The Voter), publishes the Your Elected Officials brochure, and writes press releases. Please check off how you might like to help, so members can reach out to you.
54 Members
Assist with gathering information, editing, and producing an electronic and printed newsletter
Coordinator:  Jessica C Coggins
12 Members
Questions and requests for changing access and using the website
Coordinator: Christine Guldi
15 Members
Submit articles/press releases to local publications and other media
Coordinator: Jessica Rivera-Lucas
22 Members
After each election, we need to revise the "Your Elected Officials" (YEO) information on our website and in brochures for distribution. If you are detailed orientated, we need you!
Coordinator: Christine Guldi
8 Members
Assist in creating content (written, video) for the website and social media in order to share our position on issues and describe action individuals can take.
Coordinator: Jessica Rivera-Lucas

Fundraising Committee

Please mark if you would like to learn more about how to help LWV-Dallas fund raise, including the annual Susan B. Anthony luncheon and silent auction in February.
36 Members
Join our committee to organize our annual signature event - a luncheon and silent auction - which is held on the 2nd Thursday in February.
Coordinator: Cecilia M McKay
20 Members
Help promote North Texas Giving Day (September) and organize events to support LWV-Dallas
14 Members
Identify and meet with current and prospective donors to LWV-Dallas
23 Members
Help LWV-Dallas apply for grants that fund our work

Membership Committee

Membership Committee recruits and mentors members.

Program Committee

Program Committee coordinates speakers and materials for monthly unit meetings and at least 2 general meetings per year.
26 Members
Help us plan the coming year, so that we cover the adopted programs at large general and smaller monthly unit meetings
Coordinator: Patricia I Muñoz
19 Members
Plan and prepare for large general meetings for members and the public
Coordinator: Patricia I Muñoz
16 Members
Enlist speakers, assemble materials, and create activities for the monthly unit meetings based on topics from the official league program calendar.
Coordinator:  Eileen Rosenblum

Organizational Committee

Organizational Committee assists with administrative support tasks in the office or from home.
29 Members
Help with filings, mailings, and additional administrative tasks at the office during business hours.
Coordinator: LWV- Dallas
17 Members
During election season and before our February luncheon, we need help returning calls and emails to answer questions from the public.
Coordinator: LWV- Dallas