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If you want to sign up to volunteer right now, please check Volunteer Opportunities.

In addition to registering voters, The Voter Services Committee works to provide information to you about the election process in Dallas County, connects you with the candidates on your ballot, and provides pros and con statements about the bonds and propositions on your ballot. Learn more about how you can volunteer: 

Resources for Volunteers

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Volunteer Opportunities

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What is Voter Services?

The League never stops working with Dallas County residents to educate about the voting process, registering people to vote, and training new volunteers.  We listen to voter experiences to help improve the voting process with our county partners, county officials and elections office administration.

Volunteer with Voter Services

The League is looking for volunteers to help with voter registration, voter education, the creation of our printed Voters Guide and online, interactive Vote411, and the planning of candidate forums. To volunteer, check out the list of opportunities and/or read below for whom to contact to learn more.   

Voter Education and Registration

 Contact: Voter Services VP: Barbara Larkin –
  1. Work a booth for Voter Registration or “Get Out The Vote” – Volunteer for a shift to answer voter questions in a non-partisan manner. Help voters confirm their voter registration status, locate their closest polling place, and connect to non-partisan information about candidates and issues on their ballot. You will be partnered with a Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR) who is deputized by Dallas County to collect voter registration cards correctly. Check upcoming volunteer opportunities here.
  2. Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar (VDR) – VDRs are trained volunteers who help eligible voters correctly fill out the green voter registration cards and then deliver the cards Dallas County Elections. To become a VDR, you will need to take a class and pass a test. All of our voter registration events require at least one VDR present. Learn more at
  3. Speak to community groups or college classes about the importance of voting, logistics of voting, and how to get ready to vote by knowing and following your current representatives. Guide 

Contact:  Elizabeth Walley -
Join volunteers from in preparing both the printed voters guide and the online, interactive voters guide found at, so that Dallas County voters continue to have a one-stop place for non-partisan, election information. Every election, we need volunteers to help create questions for candidates to answer and develop pro and con statements for all position and bond proposals. We need project managers to interact with the software, proofreaders for emails sent to candidates, graphic designers to layout the printed version, and people with cars to deliver the copies around town. In 2020 in Dallas County, Vote411 had 113,170 unique website users.  An increase of 143% from 2016!    

Candidate Forums


It is a League tradition to host our Dallas County candidates running for Local and State offices in Candidate Forums. Hearing from our candidates on the key issues they will make decisions on for us is a critical step in the voting process. We need volunteers to help with planning and/or logistics.

Contact LWV-Dallas

For questions, please contact: 

The League of Women Voters of Dallas - Contact us anytime at 214-688-4125 and leave a message.  We will call you back as soon as we can.  You can also email us at 

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